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Virtual Reality Real Estate

VR in Real Estate - Shape the world with your imagination!

Do you know that 52% of clients in real estate search online before viewing the property? GOVRPRO can help you grab mind share of the clients with advanced VR in real estate application. With our excellent VR support for real estate, you can win better deals.

For decades, the real estate business has been functioning a certain way; the client is provided with a list of properties, then comes shortlisting, negotiations and on-site visits. However, with the introduction of Virtual Reality, this time-consuming method is all set to change. When more than half of the clients are relying on digital platforms to look for properties, why shouldn’t real estate agents/agencies jump on the opportunity to utilise that platform for their very best?

VR allows you to visit properties that are miles away from the comfort of your home.

  • Yes, on-site visits are the most reliable way to get to know a property before you even think of purchasing it. But that’s when you have options like photographs and videos. How about putting on a headset at home and being able to indulge yourselves in any property you’re interested in? VR lets you do that.
  • It creates a wholesome 3D experience which completely interactive, immersive and walks you through an entire property in a matter of a few minutes.

Who knew giving tours or even going on one could be that easy?

GOVRPRO game-changing VR apps for real estate can make selling your property much easier!

Visualising an empty space made easier!

  • It’s not easy to sell an apartment that’s empty, a plot that’s barren, especially to clients who like to get the feel of the property rather than leaving it to their imagination.
  • However, as costly and time-consuming it is, how much can an agent really depend on staging apartments? VR makes it easier to curate empty spaces according to the taste of clients without actually having to physically decorate an apartment.
  • If the clients like what they see, they might even end up buying the same décor and home furnishings as per the 3D staging. Real estate agents can thus affiliate themselves with small or large companies dealing with the same. GOVRPRO can provide such linking with ease of a single click.
  • Also, an empty plot cannot be compared to a fully-fledged multi-storey building. To attract investors and clients, agents put large GOVRPRO developed cool 3D models to help their vision be realised.
  • To cut costs on these large models which might not even help as much, GOVRPRO can provide VR headsets to help with the architectural visualisation.

To sum it up, Virtual Reality is game-changer and the sooner the agencies and agents get on board, the sooner they can reap its benefits:

  • Time saver- No matter what time it is in the day, no matter where you currently live, no matter how many properties you want to look at, VR headsets make the process of shortlisting houses, time-efficient. For agents, there is no confined number of people you can showcase properties to!
  • At the convenience of the client, virtual tours help them build a strong connection to the properties they like as it feels almost like real life.
  • The feeling of actually being in the virtual apartment creates a sense of ownership and attachment to it, making it easier for the agent to nudge the client in the right direction.
  • Expand your clientele- GOVRPRO VR opens the possibilities of showcasing to clients who live miles away.
  • Save money on staging, on-site tours, invest in a GOVRPRO VR headset.

It is clear that VR is winning deals for real estate. GOVRPRO can be your partner in creating sales training, client trips and many more cost-saving features. Connect with GOVRPRO experts to know, how you can get maximum ROI for your real estate with our VR applications.