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Virtual Reality Gaming

VR Gaming - The Sixth Sense!

GOVRPRO is excited to bring VR Gaming arena to your customer’s doorstep! Do you know there are 250Mn players in VR Gaming in INDIA alone? Do you know that VR gaming is expected to grow 22% CAGR according to KPMG? Do you want to be part of the next business ecosystem? GOVRPRO gaming company can support in ensuring your company its market share of this growing industry!

Currently, big names like Oculus, HTC, Sony, and Google are working on making more affordable and compact VR headsets. Game developing companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are planning to lower the price of their VR games and products in the coming years.

But what’s actually in it for VR gamers?

  • VR works on 5 senses of the gamers; visual, sound, tactile feedback, smell and taste. Tantalising these senses creates a fascinating experience for the player wanting them to come back for more.
  • It offers new options and opens the world of three-dimensional gaming and expands the way gaming was done before.
  • With 360-degree video content, the gamer feels as if they’re themselves part of the game and living in it. It is not just about playing the game but to also be feeling its presence.
  • Interaction between the elements of the game and the player is taken to another level.
  • The intense graphics, sensory feelings, and the realistic touch of VR games are incomparable to any format of gaming.

A totally engaging and immersing experience is fathomed before the eyes of the gamer with the help of headsets and a VR setup.

With GOVRPRO as your VR gaming company, grow your brand in this high potential market. Get this, India is still considered one of the young countries in the world! With the median age around 27-30, you have a very high-income market! With GOVRPRO’s spectacular gaming backgrounds, you can stun your customers and win their admiration.

Overall, Virtual Reality has and promises to improve gaming quality. However, how does that benefit the big names in the industry like Nintendo, Disney, Pixar, etc. in terms of business?

  • Whether it’s used as a gimmick or not, virtual reality integrated games are sure short to attract and retain customers. However, since the apparatus is quite expensive many developers are coming up with VR setups to engage customers at popular hubs.
  • Building a brand for yourself with long-term loyal customers. VR is the kind of technology that requires to be tried before any judgement. And once tried, the customer is bound to keep exploring its vast opportunities.
  • A marketing technique- VR technologies can also be used to advertise and promote new games.

Hardware like VR headsets, consoles, standalone headsets, mobile VR headsets, sensory bodysuits, are few apparatus options VR game developers work on to create games belonging to genres like shooting, racing, horror, adventure, gambling, etc. If it reaches its full potential, Virtual Reality can single-handedly change the way we play and experience games in the future.

If you want the best VR company for your applications and branding platforms, GOVRPRO is your ROI booster! Connect with us to know more about how GOVRPRO can be your technology partner!