Mixed Reality Real Estate

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Augmented Reality Real Estate

Augmented reality is finding itself useful in almost every big industry right now. AR is one of the biggest technological inventions in which reality can be enhanced to give a better and efficient view of real-time objects.

When we talk about AR being used in big industries, real estate is the first name which comes out. Real estate before the introduction of AR tools faced several limitations like:

1. Not able to give a proper realistic view of a building or an apartment.

2. 3D models created on smartphones or desktops are effective yet they lack the complete detailed view of each and every corner and aspect.

3. Buyers are usually not metric friendly. Simple printed descriptions give a less than accurate idea of dimensions of any particular object.

4. Making visits to buildings with customers physically and personally is too much time and cost consuming.

With the introduction of Augmented Reality tools and apps, several of these limitations have been removed and the whole real estate business has been revolutionised.

What Augmented Reality does is that it overlays the virtual objects on the real world environment. AR is basically a mixed reality between the virtual world and the physical world.

Here are a few ways in which Augmented Reality has improved the ease with which the real estate used to operate earlier:

  1. With the use of several AR apps, builders are now able to give clearer visualization of building and structures to clients and buyers. 3D models of buildings are created which can be accessed using a mobile app or tool. Clients can actually see or visualize the exact 3D model of an apartment and get an idea of size or dimensions of various objects like furniture, surroundings etc. Not only this, they can even interact and change the size or style of the various objects to suit their needs. This is way more effective than 2D models or fine print catalogues.
  2. AR engages the customers more in an efficient and fascinating way. In real estate, better engagement with the customers is the key to convert leads into buyers and customers.
  3. Use of AR tools has given an edge to businesses which are using and implementing it as part of their sales and presentations over those businesses which are still using the conventional means of 2D models and text prints.
  4. AR is helping real estate dealers save a huge amount of time and money. Sometimes it gets too tedious to take each and every customer to the actual site to give them a demonstration of view of the actual site or property. Not only this, it involves a large number of manpower to achieve the same. Not to forget the cost of doing so. With the introduction of AR apps which can be accessed through any smartphone customers can visit and see the actual 3D augmented model of the site without even leaving their homes.

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