Mixed Reality Education

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Augmented Reality Education

he ancient method of gathering students in a classroom and giving those lessons and tutorials on blackboards or even projector screens are going out of fashion now.

Thanks to mixed reality, students are now getting excited about learning and schooling more than ever. Mixed reality offers students a more immersive and interacting learning experience where students can actually see, visualize and experience the concepts being taught to them.

So far technology only acted as a supplement to the already existing methods of teaching in place. But now, technology is actually teaching the students. With the introduction of augmented reality in the education sector, especially in the fields of medicine, geography, history and a few others, students are being trained and taught in such a way which was never possible through the means of textbooks or even live practical.

AR combined with VR is being used in apps and tools such as GOVRPRO, a brilliant technological innovation in the educational sector. GOVRPRO is a stunning example of how mixed reality can be introduced in classrooms to revolutionize the education in institutions. Mixed reality helps students to grasp complicated concepts and topics with ease.

With GOVRPRO, you can easily create high definition educational apps and content which students can find easier to catch and understand. The apps are highly engaging designed to maximize the student’s interest and focus on the concept being taught or explained.

Thanks to GOVRPRO students can now touch, feel and manipulate objects which give them a better and clearer understanding of the concepts. Mixed learning follows the concept of learning by doing rather than learning by listening. The former has been proven to be more effective and beneficial again and again.

Not only objects, via mixed reality students can also interact with data sets, formulae and other abstract concepts which otherwise would be hard to get hold of if there was some teacher explaining them verbally.

Hard science subjects like geology, biology, astronomy, geography etc. have been some of the fields where AR and VR are being applied extensively. Using MR, animals, environments, human bodies and other physical objects are created which makes it easier for students to apply their knowledge and learn more about them.

MR has also found its use in the arts field where a lot of artists or curators gather at a common place to be taught and trained by a single person about the concepts of creativity using combinations of AR and VR.

MR is neither geographically bound nor time bound. It can be used to create exact environments or locations which either exist in faraway worlds or existed back in time. Such is the benefit of MR in education sector that many renowned institutions have completely replaced traditional teaching with augmented reality based education.

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