Mixed Reality Automotive

AR brings more emotions to car advertising
Produce more accurately and better
Easier maintenance and faster after-sales service
Mixed Reality Automotive-4

Mixed reality has really turned the tables in the automotive industry.  Mixed reality has helped dealers to display their automobile designs and models conveniently according to the customers’ needs – in a clothes shop, or gym, in customers’ bedrooms, or at their workplace.  The biggest thing is that there are no limitations to it; entire model variants can be displayed with an options of adding unlimited number of optional and configurations.

In the past few years, automotive dealers and manufacturers have made their strategy to bring the showrooms and display outlets closer and closer to where people live and made them accessible to as many customers as possible.

With the introductions of mixed reality, automotive industry has been left wide open to configurations and design in every area.

  1. Digital content is being mixed with mixer reality with the help of automotive engineering. With mixed reality, it is no longer a custom to hand design the different models and designs. Using AR, an infinite numbers of designs, variants, shapes and colours can be created.
  2. AR is helping save a lot of money and time in the productions process. Using AR, new productions machines and infrastructure is being integrated with existing production factories and machineries.
  3. AR is helping in better training of the workforce involved in the automotive industry. Employees are being trained using 3D models and tutorials which are proving better than the conventional methods. Employees and technical staff can learn better and faster using the new methods which are making use of mixed reality tools.
  4. Use of mixed reality in the industry has made services and maintenance of vehicles a lot easier. A car user, whether tech savvy or not can now do minor or major maintenance procedures by himself. Use of AR apps which guide you in a contextual way on the 3D model of your car helps achieve that. You do not require visiting the service centre physically. This helps in saving a lot of time and money which can be spent otherwise. Service technicians troubleshoot your car issues without having to actually visit the site of your car.
  5. Nowadays, simple barcode or QR code in the brochure is enough to take you through an all new experience of a certain automobile via your phone. You just have to scan the code and all the models, variants, colours and specifications go living on your device. This is proven out to be a great marketing technique for automobile dealers and is being used extensively for customers who cannot visit the showrooms physically.
  6. AR has left a big imprint on the automobile industry. Almost all high end vehicles are using mixed reality in their production, marketing and after sales mediums. Innovation and technology are the cores of automotive industry and neither one of them can be as effective as they are if we take out the AR from it.