Augmented Reality Retail

Enhancing the In-Store Experience
Augmented reality for customer engagement
Transformation of retail shopping with augmented reality
Augmented Reality Retail

Welcome to the future!!

As per the survey, 61% of the people prefer the stores which offer AR and VR experience.

As we move towards a more advanced form a lifestyle, we can see how augmented reality has a major role to play in the coming years. Modern technologies have made life easier and has raised the standard of living, all around the world. With more and more industries adapting themselves with the evolving times, the retail sector is not left behind.

AR is transforming the retail sector and the brands that are taking advantage of this revolutionary change are the ones that shall reap its benefits in consumer satisfaction.

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Here is how Augmented Reality is transforming retail:

  • For shoppers who like a more personal experience at the showroom or with the product, brands are offering a virtual experience wherein they can try products without standing in a line.
  • Even for brands in furniture, home décor, wall paints, it is becoming a game-changer. Customers are offered to try placing 3-D objects at home to see whether a certain product will be a good fit. This cuts out the need for imagination and reduces the risk of not liking the product post-purchase.
  • Even as you indulge in shopping at a store, AR comes in handy to give you a more cohesive experience. A product doesn’t remain a simple product for you to try on. You can use apps on your smartphone to gain information, customer reviews, colour variations, fabric details, styling tips, videos of models, amongst other things that the sales associate can’t help you with.

The top companies across the globe have already started using AR/VR technology. There are numerous ways of using AR/VR technology in the retail industry.

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The quirky and memorable experience created by AR can be used to launch a new product in the market, more so because of how it’s catching all the rage. If you’re a brand catering to the youth, there is no better way to spread brand awareness than with the help of smartphones and digital mediums/platforms; two things used in abundance by the modern audience.

With digital marketing and online advertising, there has been a gradual shift in the marketing strategies of the brands. One of the key element being digitising user experience which helps in creating more impactful and memorable brand awareness.

Do you know that high quality AR can increase your chances of engagement by Almost 5x??

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