Augmented Reality Real Estate

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Visual Interaction for Better Engagement
Augmented Reality Real Estate

Do you want higher conversion rates from your leads?

GOVRPRO provides you with AR solutions in real estate, helping your sales team!

Real Estate, as a business, has a lot to gain from the application of augmented reality. As AR gains traction in almost every industry, the real estate isn’t left behind. Many agencies are creating better business opportunities by applying AR in their catalogues, installations, smartphone apps, etc.

GOVRPRO is happy to be your AR/VR partner in creating high definition videos and mobile applications!

Merging AR with marketing techniques, many agents have been able to encourage clients and cultivate genuine leads. It is beneficial to the client as well to as an agent or agency.


  • Clients are better informed visually
  • Agents deal with clients who have a better understanding of what they’re getting into without having to spend resources on enlightening them.

What’s stopping agencies right to make clients better informed:

  • Lack of mediums to create more interactive catalogues to attract clients on the first go.
  • Not being able to show the realistic 3-D model via photographs.
  • Current applications for 3-D visualisation lack full presentation.
  • On-site visits with all clients require extra time and energy.

Govrpro is your partner in offering a cutting edge VR/AR solutions in real estate. With our specialised digital processing team, real estate companies get futuristic technology. Our AR/VR expertise gives you higher visibility. We at govrpro make sure that your real estate location reaches to each and every home of your potential customer. We will give your customers a real-time view of your building, home, garden etc in a short span of time.

Advantages of AR in real estate are immense!

It creates an almost real experience, as though one is literally visiting a site.

  • To appeal to the masses, one has to keep coming with newer and unique products. Hence, you can use AR as an engaging tool to tactfully advertise and promote. Animations, interactive catalogues, geo-tagging, etc. can play a major role in setting you apart.
  • AR can help you articulately and accurately visualise an intricate object for a better understanding of your client. They can then customise the houses, plots, according to their needs, making them surer about the sale. Some AR apps even allow them to place furniture, home décor items, change colours via their interactive user interface.
  • Once you grasp the attention of your client through various AR means, they are more likely to be interested and stay engaged than the traditional means of promotion or photographs. After having experienced a house/building/apartment on their own, they are more curious and fascinated, both working in favour of the real estate agent/agency.

According to the current scenario, you only have to gain and benefit from augmented reality based application. As a realtor/real estate agent/agency, you should definitely look into this new technology and reap its benefits like your counterparts are.

Contact GOVRPRO team now to ensure that you get the best AR VR tech company in India on your project!