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AR in manufacturing - safe, cost-effective and easy!

We at GOVRPRO understand your AR requirement for manufacturing. GOVRPRO recognises the immense cost savings, safety incidence reduction that AR can provide for manufacturing industry!

Merging reality with technology, augmented reality allows you to interact with and experience digital objects. In the field of manufacturing, augmented reality devices are changing the way construction workers, plant workers and delivery personnel are working. These devices are more natural and seamless than virtual reality ones.

A breakthrough in technology, AR wearables can help the construction workers to not only visualise the final structure but also to study minute details, changes in real-time and possible dangers like unfit working conditions.

Similarly, in manufacturing, personnel can be well-informed about working conditions and details regarding the technology being used. The equipment shows in real-time whether it’s fit to use, too hot, dysfunctional, etc. Stats, information, procedure details can all be flashed at ease, making the process simpler.

GOVRPRO can help you develop customised AR applications for your manufacturing process.

This type of tech can also be used to keep track of workers, making it easier to manage the floor.

Instead of being physically present with a trained professional, AR would allow beginners to shadow them. This way, they are made fully aware of responsibilities, the manufacturing unit, without hindering the ongoing process. Also, it makes it easier for them to go back and review a detail they missed or would like to understand better without having to disrupt a senior’s work.

As far as maintenance is concerned, how beneficial would it be if systems revealed by themselves a particular fault, last date of service, the number of hours it functioned, etc. This could all result in a more articulate and quicker way of response to any problem they face. The main point of AR in manufacturing is to make smarter machines which make the work of the personnel easier and faster.

GOVRPRO helps you in handling safety and integrated system maintenance. Imagine a process where you can achieve ZERO defects as a standard operating procedure. GOVRPRO can help you in achieving ZERO defect manufacturing using our AR tech expertise.

With AR, one can manufacture the latest smartphone or the world’s biggest aeroplane with effectively zero errors. The voice commands, precisely laid out digital instructions, monitoring and recording personnel’s movements, all lead to a more efficient way of manufacturing modern products.

Using AR for quality assurance is another way manufacturers are making the process more efficient. The technicians can compare the parts or details of the product at hand with the one provided by AR technology, and in real-time highlight the problems that need to be fixed. Hence making room for zero error and saving valuable time.

Clearly, AR is turning the manufacturing industry to be more profitable, safe and error-free. GOVRPRO provides AR expertise to quickly grab this opportunity! With GOVRPRO advanced AR programs, make your manufacturing state-of-the-art process with great cost savings! Connect with us to know more about how your industry is benefitting from AR solutions.