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Augmented Reality Healthcare

GOVRPRO with Augmented Reality in Healthcare: Making Invisible Visible

67% of people think that the introduction of AR and VR will benefit the healthcare industries.

GOVRPRO is your partner in creating advanced medical apparatus using AR/VR technology.

The healthcare industry is vast. In different sectors, a different type of AR and VR technology can be used. Govrpro is aiming to reach each and every domain of healthcare so that it is benefited by the use of Augmented and virtual reality. We at Govrpro create advanced applications, integrated tools based on AR and VR for different healthcare domains.

Combining the increased demand and ample funds at their disposal, the healthcare industry is booming with new technologies and solutions.

To improve the ratio of patients to doctors, it is boosting medical training as well. One breakthrough technology would be a new stethoscope for doctors, which not is not only used to auscultate patients but to also amplify, filter, and record sounds, and analyse it with a supporting app on a smartphone.

GOVRPRO assists medical professionals with the latest apps which can help in saving costs on medical training and improving accuracy.

Many of the patients take care of their health decisions based on what their doctor is saying to them. Sometimes it is difficult for the doctors to explain their complicated choices. AR and VR technology is a boon for both the patients and doctors. With the help of AR and VR, it will be easy for the doctors to educate their patients so that they can take better decisions about their well-being.

How GOVRPRO can improve the ROI of your medical ventures?

GOVRPRO Healthcare with a new approach:

Augmented Reality offers a realistic view of the human body for medical students. Especially in case of complicated/high-risk conditions, It can give an accurate representation of the patient’s situation for immediate and urgent reactions where time is of the essence.

GOVRPRO Patient education mobile applications:

It can be used to show patients their own body with an inside view for a better understanding of medical conditions. Patients can then take more informed decisions about their treatment. This makes the patient-doctor relationship more transparent.

Reducing medical errors:

As all relevant information is available cohesively, the chance of making an error due to information disparity is greatly reduced. Currently, human errors account for a sizeable number of lives lost. Doctors don’t have to divide their attention on different screens and hence they can focus better during surgery.

GOVRPRO Cost Saving digital systems:

Doctors can save time and money by viewing all information on a single screen display. Right now, all different kinds of machines have their own display and doctors have to view each one of them separately. Augmented reality, an upcoming and exciting technology, allows doctors and patients to blend their acute knowledge, sensory experience with new-age digital technologies.

Connect with us and Govrpro will guide you in how you can make efficient use of AR and VR technology in healthcare.