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Augmented Reality Education

Creative and interactive educational AR/VR videos is GOVRPRO’s forte.

We assist you in shaping the future of education!

Govrpro can help you to create various high definition smart educational apps and content. With our expertise, you will be able to grab a higher market share of this growing business of online educational content.

Augmented Reality is here to affect the traditional teaching and learning methods. Questioning the time and place we study, Augmented Reality is replacing and adding ways in which knowledge is departed, increasing classroom engagement and making information easy to comprehend.

Moving away from mundane textbooks which lack visuals and interaction, AR comes in as a more engaging alternative.

GOVRPRO provides cutting edge AR VR solutions for exponentially growing educational sector.

AR classrooms are becoming a big thing in the modern-day education system by using 3D models, animations, audio clips, video clips, proving to make information more memorable. For teachers, as well, AR proves to be helpful as they try to explain difficult concepts.

They can increase the overall interaction of the class even while teaching a complicated and difficult topic. For students who face problems with their low attention span, AR in the classroom can keep them engaged and help them retain more information.

GOVRPRO helps you in creating quality AR/VR educational videos and mobile applications.

Due to budget limitations and time constraints, educators can use AR to expose students to historic monuments, museums, listen to inspirational leaders and so on. Holographic lenses, 3D human anatomy models, quizzes, hand exercises, are all tools which make studying easier and much more fun. It benefits slow learners as the technological advances comfort the students and information can be absorbed in a faster manner.

With more and more engaging elements in the classroom, even attendance is seen to be increased. When we speak of college-level education, the fields of medicine, fashion, architecture, wherein practice and practical knowledge is required, it can be extremely beneficial for students.

Augmented Reality doesn’t necessarily mean it is for students, even kids can gain access to applications on smartphones and adults can use it for self-education. For example, Google Translate comes with an ‘AR mode’ which allows you to check on unknown words in real-time. This works exceptionally for students and tourists abroad.

GOVRPRO values education system and we will be happy to be your partners in moulding the future!

Augmented reality opens an exciting opportunity for students and teachers alike. GOVRPRO has expertise in 3-D modelling, 3-D animation AR Video and Audio experiences. GOVRPRO provides new age 3D models for easy understanding of the subjects. AR and VR can help students to grasp complicated concepts. For example circulatory system, chemical reactions etc.

Connect with our Govrpro team and we will make the high definition AR and VR content according to your requirement.