Augmented Reality Automotive

Enhance the sales process and encourage conversion
Educate and engage customers post-purchase
Augmented Reality Automotive Maintenance
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Automotive with ultra-vision: Augmented Reality

GOVRPRO proudly presents AR in automotive industry solutions!

How Augmented Reality is changing the game of the “GAME”?

The automotive industry is no stranger to AR. Besides education, retail and healthcare, AR has made its way into the automotive industry as well. Whether it’s AR navigation system in the car, a maintenance system to make car servicing better or its applications into setting up a vehicle, AR is being actively used by big names like Tesla, Volkswagen, Jaguar, etc.

GOVRPRO helps your company by creating AR applications for the Automobile industry.

From the perspective of a consumer, AR is helping manufacturers to simplify their products by overlaying technical data onto real-world objects to give contextual information that is interactive. This is far more compelling and remarkable than a regular video. With such an impactful and memorable way to convey a certain technology about a vehicle, it’s easier and faster to lure in consumers. Thus, customer engagement is one of the turning points of AR in automotive. This integration of technology with the technicalities of a vehicle has proven to boost sales.

GOVRPRO’s AR apps can boost sales for your company by providing unique customer engagement:

  • Place a car with personalised specifications into the real world. Any model and any configuration can be used to help a customer visualise better.
  • GOVRPRO’s AR apps can help in choosing car colours, to open doors to playing with interior lights and display, one can truly immerse themselves into an AR experience.
  • GOVRPRO’s AR apps can assist in the integration of smartphone to get behind the wheel of the desired car and go for a test drive from the comfort of your own home.
  • Fully understand the features of your car with detailed AR guide apps, it’s truly mesmerising for clients who are very specific with what they want.

With GOVRPRO’s AR apps, not only will your experience at the showroom will be much better but also once you get behind the wheel. The future promises:

  • A 3-D demonstration of a car, looking into peculiar details of the engine, motors, hardware and software. It’s like an x-ray for your car.
  • Navigation will take a new turn with 3-D graphics, real-time street view, street names, restaurants, not on your car’s display but on its windshield!

GOVRPRO’s AR for Automotive designs. View your automotive designs from 360 degrees! Literally!GOVRPRO is excited to bring AR to your automotive design process! We are creating far better value for your customers than just simple video. GOVRPRO enables your design team to view and hold designs from conceptual stage to final stage in the real world!

As a result, combining digital mediums with design has resulted in working on newer designs easier, especially in automotive engineering. Creating physical models or trying new variants by hands is a thing of the past, now it saves time and energy to develop the latest technologies. AR is making this billion-dollar industry more consumer-centric than product/service-centric.