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How Virtual Reality has helped in shaping the Video Gaming

We have seen what Virtual Reality has done in the sectors of automotive, healthcare and education. Use of VR is not any far behind when it comes to gaming industry. If anything, virtual and augmented reality devices for gaming sector have seen a major development and evolution in the past 5 years.

When VR first came into existence, it didn’t make a huge impact everybody expected. But now, companies dealing in VR gear have started developing it immensely in terms of software as well as hardware. In the couple of years to come, VR is certain to change the gaming industry as we see it now.

The era of Virtual Reality has already started with the launch of Samsung Gear VR and Oculus VR. Leaders of the hardware production like Sony, HTC, Oculus and Google are developing more affordable and mobile VR headsets.

How Virtual Reality has changed the Life of a Gamer?

What VR does is that it provides a completely new and changed experience to the gamer. What Virtual Reality does is that it enables you to be in the game rather than just playing it. The new connection is established between the gamer and the game. That is how Virtual Reality has shaped the gaming world. Instead of sitting on a chair with controllers in your hand, VR shifts the entire game around you giving you a more personal and immersive experience.

Games that use the concept of Virtual Reality can be played on PCs, game consoles, laptops, mobile devices or even standalone devices which can power up VR headsets like Oculus, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive.

The release of controllers has brought the VR gaming experience to an all new level. With the help of controllers, players can now modify and interact with the gaming environment at their own will and wish.

In the earlier versions of VR technology, there were some standard problems which players had to cope with. But with the advancement in this sector, players can now enjoy the VR gaming experience without any lag or nausea.

Evolving Video Games with Evolution of VR Technology

It is not only the hardware and software of a VR headset which gets a makeover whenever a new development is marked in the VR Technology. The videos games too evolve with every new patch or update in the VR headset.

At the base, a VR game is a story which users experience or play using different possibilities of the Virtual Reality. With additions in the technology, there is always a significant room to involve the possibilities or experiences which make the foundation of a video game. Hence, stories of the games evolve giving the players newer experiences.

How much VR Technology has Changed Since its Introduction?

VR headsets usually block out all the external stimulus, sounds and visuals. Generally, VR gaming involves an eye-wear or a headset which helps in complete involvement and immersion of the player in the gaming environment.

Some of the earlier places where such immersive experience on video games was offered are arcades. Arcades had usually chairs or screens which usually jolted, diverted, tilted or moved according to the game. The game was usually played in a location called a booth. However, with the introduction of VR technology, there is no need for an entire booth to move to provide a player with an immersive 3D experience. With a VR headset, a player can have a fully immersive game experience just using his body or like in most cases, his hands.

Types of VR Games

VR has seen a gigantic number of games being developed over the years. We can categorize them into the following types for the sake of simplicity:

Single Player Games

Car Racing Games

Multi-Player Games

Adventure Games

Gambling and Casino Games

Sports based Games