AMP Web Design & Development

AMP is an initiative taken by Google that allows business owners to create and accelerate the mobile web pages that are high performing and fast-loading. People are using mobile devices more often these days than their desktop for doing an online search, reading, and trade. With different screen sizes and mobile devices, they are unable to open the websites on their mobile phones. You also might have seen that sometimes a site does not load properly on your smartphone, and you can only see the text but not the ads and pictures available on it.

This is why we provide AMP Web Design & Development that helps the publishers, website owners, and users to get all-round benefits. It offers excellent user-experience to all mobile users with smooth browsing and fast loading pages on different devices and across platforms.

Why choose AMP services?

There are certain benefits that you can get when you choose to implement AMP on your website. There are lots of visitors who leave your website just within 3 seconds of loading so, to retain those customers and have the following advantages, we offer the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) development for the business websites and brands.

a) You can improve your search engine rankings on mobile and web as well by our services.

b) You will be able to create a great user experience by providing the mobile-optimized content to the users.

c) There will undoubtedly be the rise of engagement on your website, and you will see the increased conversion rate.

d) You will mark a high ROI, like never before, with our AMP development services.

How do our AMP services help businesses boost their presence?

1- Quality Services

We provide the 100% reliable service that helps you boost your business and get more conversion. Our front-end developers make sure that AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) development is accurately completed. You can entirely rely on our AMP services right from the SEO optimization, mobile optimization to front end development.

2- Skilled AMP Developers

We possess an experienced team of AMP designers & developers who are specialized in providing excellent work with utmost perfection. They understand & analyze the upcoming challenges and deploy their skills and expertise in connection with AMP technology to build a website that is highly responsive and has AMP driven features.

3- Timely Delivery

Our team of experts is highly professional and dedicated to their work. Hence, we always make sure to provide the delivery of each project we take on time with full dedication. Our job is sure to exceed the expectation of our clients, delivering the satisfaction that we strive for.

4- Customer support

We provide the best AMP web design & development services even after the launch of the sites. Our developers continuously check the thick and thin on the website to ensure the performances of the website and the desired conversion rate.

5- Custom-made solutions

Our services are reliable and designed as per the needs of the individuals. We understand the requirements that you have as a business and keep the same goal in mind to provide custom-made solutions within your budget.